About Chili Bibbi

Like many good Trinbagonian ideas, this one started at a lime. Somewhere in the midst of old talk and food, three cousins dreamed up the idea of an aggressively local, high quality gastronomy event that would celebrate our common culture and heritage. Soon after, they found a collaborator in Chef Brigette Joseph, and got to work to bring the dream into full tropical reality.


Why “Chili Bibbi”?

Well before we fleshed out the details of our adventure, we were committed to using it to focus on Trinidad & Tobago, and to highlighting what we find irreplaceable about our culture and cuisine.

For us, chili bibbi is a local treat emblematic of exactly that uniqueness. We chose to name our venture for this old-time parlour snack that only we locals can lay claim to, because we want Chili Bibbi to be, first and foremost, an experience by us and for us.

We really don’t know where the journey will lead (although we’re excited to find out), but wherever it goes, our goal is to always show our deep commitment to this idea. With a name like Chili Bibbi, we figure we’re off to a good start.