Chili Bibbi is just one week away!

Getting ready for the first Chili Bibbi pop-up has been an adventure, and we’re still in the thick of things, but the big day is finally near! We’re making just a few final tweaks to the menu before we post it, so look out - it’s coming soon. Today though, we’ve got a bit of exciting news.

First, housekeeping: the cut-off for making payments to confirm reservations is this Monday, June 17th. We’re finalizing our guest list and getting the space ready, so we need to have final numbers by then. If you’re not confirmed and have questions about how to get your payment in by Monday, just email us at

And now, the news! The drinks we’re serving at brunch will be unlimited, but they won’t be ordinary - the food will be accompanied by signature cocktails crafted just for this event by Angostura’s master mixologist Raymond Edwards. 😆 We’re really pleased to be working with Raymond on our beverage menu, and we can’t wait to show you what he has in store!

Stay tuned - there will be more updates as we get closer to June 22nd. Looking forward to seeing you there!

The Team